The Art


Ester has devoted decades to gifting audiences, worldwide, with creative musical performances. Some of which include:

  • Providing arrangement services to concert choirs
  • Arranging unique live performances that showcase rare instrument solos (e.g., the rondalla, a 14-stringed instruments of 4 different ranges)
  • Live tribute performances (e.g., Nat King Cole Tribute, Judy Garland tribute, Eartha Kitt tribute, and more)


Like any creative, Ester is always in a creative space, working diligently to release her artwork to the universe. Currently, she is working to

  • Expand and rearranging repertoire for live performances at Gaslight Club and live stream shows
  • New “serious” music instrumental compositions for HotHouse Global Concerts


  • Publication of original works
  • Recording arrangements using unusual orchestrations Collaborative works Weekly livestream of comparative music literature and folk songs incorporating childhood stories, proverbs, riddles and poems