Ester provides professional accompaniment

"Powerful vocals and exquisite piano playing.... A smorgasbord of keyboard styles."
June Sawyer
Chicago Sun Times


"Judging from the applause after she pounded and caressed the piano keyboard and sang songs in Filipino, French and Swahili in a melodious and full voice that belies her 4 foot 8-inch frame, it was obvious her concert was worth battling the cold winds to get to."
Juanita Allas-Monaghan
Philippine News


For unique, creative projects, Ester provides

“I have been fortunate enough to have experienced the unique and versatile talent that Ester Hana brings to every performance… Artistry, integrity, and a polished delivery… Ester is an accomplished pianist and vocalist. Her seamless arrangements combined with a global repertoire defines a signature for this petite powerhouse….sometimes simulating the entire orchestra. Most evident in all her performances, a generous and welcoming gift to her audience, which always translate authenticity and passion for her art…she’s the real deal!”
Andrew Patner
Chicago Sun Times